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BURN Kickboxing On-Demand
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Live-Interactive WORKOUTS
The PERFECT Solution That Will GUIDE YOU To Your Fitness Goals From The Comfort of YOUR HOME, ALL While Having FUN!
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Virtual & Interactive Kickboxing At It's BEST with BOTH LIVE & On-Demand Classes From The Convienience Of Your Home!

LIVE Streaming - Scheduled Classes To Push Yourself in REAL TIME!
LIVE Classes 7 days/week with multiple times per day to choose from. No matter if you're a beginner or have experience, your kickboxing instructor will coach through the motions of a high-energy, sweat-dripping, calorie-burning kickboxing workout that will leave you sweating, smiling, and wanting more everytime!

ON-DEMAND Platform Included
Can't make the LIVE class? No sweat. Log in and choose from a variety of workouts to complete when works best for YOU. Choose from full-body blast, upper-body, lower body, core burner, 20 - 30 - 40 minute intervals... ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!
  • Live & Interactive - Set up your phone, tablet, computer, or televsion and stream the workouts LIVE.
  • The Support You Deserve - Trainers providing real-time feedback to motivate, educate, and give you constructive tips on how to get the most out of the class. The MOST feedback and motivation you've ever received in an online workout of this level.
  • Continued Community - Members in classes from all over the world. Virtual-Five one another and move towards your goals together as one!
  • Nutrition & Accountability​- Meal plans, recipes, tips, webinars, check-ins, and more. By signing up you will be assigned a trainer that will be your PERSONAL accountability coach in this time of need.
  • Flexible Schedule​ - LIVE classes 7 days/week, multiple times per day. (see schedule below) Daily replays available for those who can't attend LIVE. On-Demand Platform at your fingertips on your watch!
  • OPEN to EVERYONE - Simply invest in a bag of your own by choosing an option below OR participate in the Workouts with weights or no equipment and become stronger than ever before! 
How Much Is It?
All Inclusive On-Demand & LIVE Class Access: 
Just $23 $11.75/week!
What's Included in the Virtual Burn?
> 7 Days/Wk LIVE Interactive Workouts to Choose From
> On-Demand Platform (for workouts outside of live classes)
> Access to Recorded LIVE Playbacks 6 New per Week Added to On-Demand
> Meal Plan of Your Choice (weight loss or strength training)
> At-Home Workout Calendar
> Accountability Forms & Goals Planning Worksheets
> Access to Private Facebook Group
> Fun Challenges, Prizes, Awards, and More!
YOUR COST - Just $23 $11.75/week!
(plus cost of equipment package)
What Will I Need?
We encourage everyone to purchase the equipment package (but not required) You'll choose which bag to be drop-shipped to your house below.
That will be drop-shipped directly to your home in 3-5 business days.
In the meantime, you'll RECEIVE ACCESS to our LIVE classes & recordings that need no equipment to start.

Get ready to Feel The BURN!
If you choose to do the workouts and don't want to purchase equipment, you'll get just as good a workout as well!
ALL For Just $23 $11.75/week!

Registration Time Remaining:

Question: How does this really all work and how do I log on?
Answer: After you register you will be sent a unique members-only link that will allow you to log on and participate during designated class times. You will want to do your best to log on early and be ready to go as we start promptly when class time hits. You'll also recieve access to our Private Facebook Group where our Virtual Burn Community comes together. 

Question: Will I need to download any special software?
Answer: No, if you're going to participate via your phone, tablet, computer, or smart televsion, you'll be able to access the platform directly through our website with your unique ID that will be provided upon registration.

Question: How does billing and my subscription work?
Answer: You'll be billed one time per month at the weekly rate reigstered for. Your subscription will be ongoing and you'll have full access to all new content that is provided on a weekly basis. You can cancel at anytime with a 3-day notice provided.

Question: When are the class times?
Answer: See below for the LIVE, Interactive class times. Recordings will also be shared on daily basis. You are encouraged to attend the LIVE classes to get the most out of your workouts and the experience.

7 Days per week AM & PM EST.

Question: When can I expect my bag?
Answer: Orders placed by 3pm, will ship that day and have a 3-5 day lead time conveniently drop-shipped directly to your door. Set up is super-easy and you'll be ready for action in no-time. In the meantime, you can log in and get started with the On-Demand Platform. 

Question: Will I also get a meal plan?
Answer: Yes, you'll have the choice of a FREE meal plan based on your fitness goals. Weight loss or Strength building.

Question: Will you help me get started with the software and walk me through everything?
Answer: Yes, once you register you'll receive an email right away providing you the link to log in to LIVE classes and instructions on how to get started. You'll also be emailed by our onboarding specialist to confirm your set up and make sure you're off to an easy start!

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BURN: Virtual Training Experience
Register Today For Just: $23 $11.75/week!

Equipment Package To Your Home in Just 5 Days!

NOTE - NOT REQUIRED: This is just an option if you want to invest in your own equipment & get the most out of your experience.

(conveniently drop-shipped to your door in 5 days from date of registration)

2 Options

(split-pay available)

Approx. 270 lbs. when filled with water.  
Bag: 18" Diameter x 52"Tall  
Base: 28" Diameter Base Height: 14.25"
Total Height 67" Tall

More Than Ever, NOW Is The Time To Adapt, Overcome, and Invest In Your Health & Fitness.

Feel The Burn, This Is Your YOU Time!

A Note From Our Founder

We will continue stay on the forefront in the fitness industry. Innovating, adapting, and creating the most amazing and exciting workout experience in what it is that we do best... Kickboxing!

I look at every day as a new opportunity to learn and grow. This virtual training experience is another path to helping you reach your fitness goals.

In creating this program, like our regular classes and the people we serve, we are putting our hearts and souls into making these workouts unlike anything else out there.

So, come join us, and see what the BURN-HYPE is all about!

- Curtis Pastore, Founder & CEO

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When Can I Sign Up?
BURN On-Demand - Now Just $23 $11.75/week!